Dr. Wasabi
Culture Sculptor

Dr. Wasabi is an artist,  activist, and educator. As a sculptor, he works in Steel with a Story to Tell, Lost Objects and Feral Flames.

Dr. Wasabi has been creating steel and found object art and jewelry for over 25 years.  His work as been seen in the Cabrillo Gallery, Kulpa Gallery, Santa  Cruz River Arts Fest and at countless parades and protests in Santa Cruz, Seattle, Washington DC and Burningman.

The Fire Breathing Dragon Flies Performed at the Santa Cruz Burningman Street Fair on 2009, at UCSC in 2010 and at the SC Museum of Art and History in 2012  For more info go to UnScruz.com

The  Fire Breathing Dragon Flies sprouted bike wheels as part of the Kinetic Art Cruz parade in Santa Cruz, in 2009 and 2012.  The community was invited to decorate their bikes or put wheels on their sculptures. Over 100 families and artists joined this festival celebrating the beauty and  harmony possible among all residents of the San Lorenzo River.

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